People who Inspire Me

The following are the people who really inspire me to be a blogger and I whole heartedly admire them.

1. Vinay – The man who seeded blogging on my mind and one who gave me an opportunity to be tech blogger at The4Cast.

2. Karthik (The4Cast) – His passion towards blogging, participation in tech events and communities has always played a major role in me taking up blogging.

3. Amit Agarwal – Is the man who revolutionized blogging in India and who doesn’t get inspired by him.

4. Neil Patel – The way he blogs, his passion towards blogging is what drives me miles. I am definitely a die hard fan of his and he is one of my idols.

5. Sujan Patel – There is no one who can get inspired after reading his blog “Optimizing the Human Race”.

6. Danny Sullivan – Widely known as “Search Engine Guru” in the internet community, his blogs at Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and are a must read. There are many in the internet community who idolize him.

Some of the other people  who are among my favorite bloggers are Rand Fish, Barry Schwartz and Jon Cooper.